Pumpkin Masters

The Pumpkin Masters Brand is for EVERY customer you have

Carving Kits: America's #1 selling pumpkin carving brand offers durable, safe, quality tools. With over 30 years experience, Pumpkin Masters provides a wide range of patterns and a proven transfer method that makes carving easy.

Kids Kits: Designed specifically for kids of varying ages and skill levels. These kits allow them to carve easily and safely. Pumpkin Masters kids kits offer tools with handles that are safer for little hands, has less scary patterns which combined makes carving fun, not frustrating, for little ones.

Lighting: Battery operated lights are a safer choice than candles and they don't blow out!  Pumpkin Masters as multiple styles to choose from allow the perfect lighting to match your customer's desired effect. Whether its lighting up a pumpkin or setting a mood (indoors or out), there is a light that can do it.

Decorating/Craft Kits: Carve now decorate later! Perfect for non-carvers and people who like to decorate indoors. Pumpkin Masters has a variety of kits offering a way to sell two kits for one pumpkin. 

Accessories: Inexpensive add-ons increase sales. Bucket of Scoops, Pumpkin Teeth, single cutting tools and more, make it easy to do. With a wide variety of accessories that cater to both creative carvers who prefer to freestyle carve (instead of using kits), and those wanting add extra tools to a kit. 

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Shipping begins June 15 - July 1st, 2024

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