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  • Creating the first Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit in 1986, Pumpkin Masters is the brand that started it all. The Pumpkin Masters product line now reaches every level of carver keeping pumpkin decorating fun and safe.
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  • PAAS is THE name in egg decorating with over 10 million kits sold and over 180 million eggs decorated annually. Starting in the late 1800's in Newark, New Jersey PAAS makes it as simple now as it was then with Traditional, Craft, Themed and decorating Accessories that keep it ever changing and ever fun.
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  • Starting new traditions that keep the magic in Holidays is Hoppy Paws goal with these fun prints that show young believers that the Easter Bunny, Santa's Reindeer or even Santa himself have been to their home. With multiple prints to choose from, the magic goes on year round.
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  • For 33 years Windy City has offered a variety of Holiday and Special Occasion themed items and Seasonal Distribution is happy to now carry their wonderful and fun Glow items. Practical and fun this line is sure to make mazes, hayrides, haunted houses and trick-or-treating fun and SAFE.
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  • With one important goal in mind, safety, Life Gear glowsticks are durable, battery operated sticks that light dark sidewalks for trick-or-treaters.
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  • Mrs. Wages offers a line of delicious prepackaged seasoning that is the perfect companion to farm fresh fruits and vegetables. Packed in a convenient floor display that makes a great Point of Purchase sale.
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  • Wolfe make-up design company is best known for its unique products and cutting-edge make-up application techniques. Wolfe revolutionized the industry by successfully combining traditional theater make-up and fast-paced face painting into a totally new type of face art.
    Pumpkin Teeth puts the BITE back into your Jack-O-Lanterns. A scary or funny alternative these simple items can be used for mouths, noses, eyes, ears or even hair.

    Both Pumpkin Teeth and Wolfe tattoos and make-up are easy to sell point of purchase items that can easily increase sales.

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